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What My Customers Are Saying

some email comments


We have had much better sleep since…helped the depth of our sleep…thank you very much for your devotion…

A Laplante



…you are a wealth of knowledge…thank you for taking the time to send us the reminders…

J Monster


…want to thank you very much for your time testing our home and the very comprehensive report you sent. I am glad to report that I have much slept better the last two nights as we turned off the fuses to our bedroom and ensuite etc. Less time to fall asleep and deeper sleep, so I am VERY thankful and encouraged… Elaine



…I have to say I’m sleeping much better now…I used to never be able to sleep thru the night, and now I can get 7 hrs…and already I’m noticing I can be on the laptop for much greater time before it affects me…


Mississippi Mills

…found it very beneficial to have you here…and have found we both sleep much deeper…thanks for your time Denis


Barry’s Bay

I benefited a lot since you set-up the canopy…reduced my headaches greatly and they are less severe…insomnia is better…anxieties are better…concentration is better…I’m so glad I did a very good investment in buying the canopy… Nathalie N


Thanks so much Denis!!  You are awesome!  I am so glad to have met you! Lynda L

Carleton Place

We saw positive benefits in our bedroom last night…amazing, upstairs no more headaches…we have less pain and we feel more confortable in our home…

Lanna B


Aaah…Thank you so much!!!!

N Kistan


My home is such a sanctuary now, thanks to you.  I certainly notice the difference when I sleep elsewhere.

Sandra L

Clarence Creek

I am feeling much better than when I last saw you.  Probably a mix of improving my house and working on myself…