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EMF Testing


An EMF inspection is most beneficial when we walk through the process together, explaining our findings as we go.  Remember that sometimes the biggest radiation contributor is the lifestyle choices we make in our purchases.


Together, we will:

  • Perform comprehensive EMF testing for the 4 most prominent types of man-made EMF’s
  • Interpretation of the findings and compare them to safety/exposure guidelines
  • Reduce, remove, eliminate as many sources as possible…verify (retest)
  • Discuss mitigation solution for sources that cannot be corrected during the visit (if any) – cell towers, neighbour wi-fi (especially for high-rise apartments)…
  • Discuss a safer use of technology that seems we simply cannot live without (lifestyle choices)

A summary inspection report of all findings will be provided.


Frequently Asked Questions


How long will an EMF inspection take?

Most home inspection take typically between 2-3 hours.


My real estate agent is showing me a home I really like but I’m concerned for the hydro lines in the backyard.  Can a basic EMF inspection be done?

Yes, absolutely!  Why is that?

We are not concerned so much of what is being generated inside the new home, meaning the lifestyle factors we discussed at the onset.  In this case, we power down the home and test for exterior sources of radiation. Our objective in this case is to identify the sources of radiation we have no control over, make an assessment to see if we can safely eliminate.  Typically, an inspection like this can be done in 1 hour.


Can I buy my own meters and do my own testing?

That is a very good question.  The 10 meters are a key part of the process as they reveal the problem.  Much of the value of an EMF inspection is…

  • interpretation of the readings
  • identify the various sources
  • understanding the application of possible solutions

Note: Improper shielding can actually make your exposure worse. (much like a microwave oven reflects most of the microwaves inside a confined space)


Rate (HST extra)

$95 per hour

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